ORBAStore is the fastest way to get a store running on Magento. Everything you need to start selling

ORBAStore is a quick implementation without any compromises. We still use the top eCommerce platform Magento and the battle tested Azure servers. We automate the process, so that the core platform gets set up in hours instead of days. We than use the remaining time to customize it to your needs. There is no corner-cutting. You get a top-of-the-line store with CI/CD capabilities. Everything you need to start selling online.

Even if you need a more complex solution, ORBAStore can be used as the base of your store – why waste time & money on something that can be automatically done for you? We’ve implemented over 90 stores worldwide.  Most of them were heavily modified to fit our customer’s business processes. We found that each time we end up reusing the same basic building blocks, so we decided to use it as our advantage. We use Kubernetes to set up the environments, configure the platform core & set up things like code & ticket repositories. Everything done in a fraction of the cost, so that we can focus on delivering a store that delivers.

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