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Mailplus for Outlook Office 365

Meaplus AB

Collaborate and send encrypted confidential information through Outlook Office 365 and Mailplus.

Mailplus, offers companies and its users to send sensitive and confidential information encrypted to other identified companies and users - creating more efficient processes, reducing as well as increased transparency. 

How it works – Mailplus is an add-in to Outlook for Office 365. 

By installing this add-in, Outlook gets features that not only allow the information to be protected by strong encryption, the Add-in also secure the sender and recipient behind the e-mail addresses through e-ID identification. This way, we create the conditions to be able to send sensitive and also confidential information digitally in a more cost-effective and safer way than what is currently offered via letters, fax and other traditional e-mail.In addition, the sender can see when the recipient has opened and electronically signed the information which been received, which not only improves the transparency between different companies and authorities but also contributes to faster and more efficient processes.

Value of Mailplus - secure digital communication between identified users;

  • Replace fax and letters with secure digital communication through Outlook 

  • Send sensitive and confidential information 

  • All information between sender and recipient protected by strong encryption 

  • The service only contains identified companies and users 

  • Obtain traceability and transparency in communication via digital signatures to ensure compliance

About Meaplus

We work to solve challenges connected to the digital evolution and where the technology have not been able to meet the regulatory and legal requirements for various processes. We have a long history of working in various industries and with global technology companies. Our ambition is to help customers to increase efficiency and transparency in order to improve the daily business and stay compliant.