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xstormlive - a secure, hosted vulnerability scanning as a service platform from NCC


xstormlive is a highly secure, centrally managed vulnerability scanning service hosted on a global network of NCC Group data centre locations. Customers in any part of the world can simply schedule scans on the xstormlive platform via a browser, and xstormlive takes care of the rest, producing an automated security assessment report after each scan.

Designed to enable network managers to run scheduled or on demand perimeter scans, the xstormlive service is licensed for an unlimited numbers of scans on a defined number of external IP addresses or web URLs visible from outside the network. This means that any remedial action can be retested to confirm that the solution has been successful without incurring additional costs.

xstormlive can be accessed at any time via or the NCC Group portal.

Features & benefits

xstormlive, our cloud-based vulnerability scanning platform, is licensed on the number of IP addresses or web URLs scanned. Network administrators can use the xstormlive online service to run as many scans as necessary, whenever required, to identify vulnerabilities and confirm that critical vulnerabilities have been addressed.

Delivering preventative online security auditing, xstormlive combines non-intrusive state of the art scanning and advanced reporting techniques to ensure your network security posture is robust, as well as compliant with industry and government regulations.

xstormlive reports

xstormlive delivers technical and summary data in an easy to understand report format. Reports can be generated in XML or PDF formats using the intuitive web interface.

xstormlive reports summarise the security posture of each network device, including information about the scan, specific host information, and a list of detected vulnerabilities. These reports present a description of each security risk detected, the severity of the threat, the potential consequences of exposure and links to validated patches and fixes.

Why vulnerability scanning?

Changes and additions to the network, misconfigured servers, outdated software and human error are just some of the common causes of threat vulnerabilities being inadvertently introduced into the corporate IT infrastructure. Without regular scanning vulnerabilities can go unnoticed and could potentially be exploited.

External vulnerability scanning using xstormlive provides busy network managers with the tools needed to maintain a schedule of vulnerability scans. These scans can detect issues with critical network assets and web applications, providing detailed vulnerability reports per IP or URL. Issues can be detected and fixed quickly thus greatly reducing the risk of exploitation.

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