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NMLStream Quadrant


A.I. on Duty: Real Time Problem Discovery and Remediation

NMLStream’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) solution, Quadrant, maximizes uptime, improves system performance and enhances SRE and DevOps efficiency. And, does it in real-time.

Quadrant is used in three workflows on Azure.
Causality and visualization: NMLStream’s A.I. continuously visualizes application or system topologies and draws the causality path between all services. When an alarm occurs, the causality path immediately indicates the cause, greatly reducing RCA.
Instant problem localization and recommended remediation: NMLStream’s A.I. technology uses the causality graph to immediately localize problems to root causes, even if these causes are in different services or locations and then suggests remediation. Thus, greatly reducing MTTR and SRE workload.
Historical analysis and playbook improvement: Triaged (historical) alarms or alarm storms can be deeply analyzed using our A.I. technology to find patterns of causality and to update solutions

Instantaneous issue discovery and localization
Zero downtime and improved performance
Discover what is important in your system’s behavior