WANdisco LiveAnalytics for Azure Databricks


Automate your Hadoop data to Delta Lake migration. Zero application downtime & zero data loss.

Business success is dependent on analyzing petabytes of data to accelerate outcomes and create competitive advantage. WANdisco makes it easy by enabling you to migrate Hadoop clusters to a Databricks Delta Lake environment with zero downtime and zero risk of data loss.

Data is immediately available for analytics, eliminating the business disruption typical of most Hadoop migrations. Continuous replication ensures that any changes in one environment are reflected in the other, ensuring data consistency across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Benefits of WANdisco LiveAnalytics include:

•Automated Hadoop to Azure migration with zero business disruption
•Unified analytics on one platform through a Plugin for Databricks Delta Lake
•Ensured business continuity and data consistency through continuous automated replication

Key Features:

•Migrates petabyte-scale big data sets to cloud storage without needing to halt changes made to the data sets during migration
•Applies WANdisco’s patented Fusion technology to ensure that ongoing changes are applied to the target migration
•Works across a variety of big data source and target environments, including all major Hadoop and object storage technologies

Take the Test Drive – See what you can do in 10 minutes!

The WANdisco LiveAnalytics Test Drive provides a sandbox environment and sample data that demonstrates WANdiscoreplication automation from on-premises Hadoop to Databricks Azure cloud analytics, with 100% data consistency.

WANdisco LiveAnalytics for Azure Databricks automates your Hadoop data to Delta Lake migration at scale with no application downtime and no risk of data loss, even when your data sets are under active change. 

LiveAnalytics includes: WANdisco LiveMigrator, WANdisco Fusion, WANdisco LiveHive & WANdisco Plugin for Databricks Delta Lake.