Endpoint Management and Windows Deployment Services: 4-Wk Implementation

Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S

Endpoint Management and Windows Deployment Services Consultancy is a professional consultancy service for modernization of device and application management infrastructure .

Endpoint Management and Windows Deployment Services consultancy includes 4 week implementation. With this offer Data Market supports you about Windows Autopilot, Endpoint Manager, SCCM, Windows 11 upgrade. You gain benefits by providing integrated, cloud-based unified endpoint management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Data Market supports you in presenting modern management best practices in your endpoint management processes. Help customers interpret and respond to risks from MEM threat detection features like Defender ATP and Advanced Threat Analytics. Create automated deployment using Microsoft Endpoint Management features and integrations.


  • Analyzes of endpoint management environment
  • Using cloudbase device and application management tool
  • Out of box user experience with Windows Autopilot
  • Easy upgrade process for Windows 11