Viva Insights: 3 Days Workshop

Delphi Consulting

Discover Microsoft Viva Insights that help individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organization thrive with Delphi.

The workshop provides an in-depth exploration of Personal, Manager, and Leader insights with privacy controls and data analysis capabilities to:

  • Understand the impact of work patterns on productivity and wellbeing
  • Provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations
  • Address complex challenges with advanced tools and capabilities

What you can expect:

  • A prioritized list of business scenarios that can be addressed by deploying Microsoft Viva Insights
  • Recommended preparation in terms of skills and best practices
  • A roadmap outlining potential workstreams and dependencies with clear next steps
  • An adoption framework


  • Day 1: Gather information on key business scenarios & Introduce Microsoft Viva
  • Day 2: Showcase employee experience transformation & Demo
  • Day 3: Build upon your newfound knowledge and pair it with your unique business challenges & Prioritization of scenarios and next steps built into a plan