Microsoft 365 Organizational Change Management: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

eGroup Enabling Technologies

Organizational Change management is vital to any successful deployment of a new technology solution.

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. will host an Organizational Change Management (OCM) Envisioning Session for the proposed solution change. The focus of this engagement will be aligning on the vision for the change, review of deliverables and expectations for the upcoming deployment.  The envisioning session is handled per solutions within Microsoft 365 such as: Microsoft Teams, Teams Calling, Teams Meetings, Teams Meeting Rooms, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Planner, Intune, Viva, Microsoft 365 Security, etc.

The deliverables for this engagement include: 
User Awareness:
(2) Sequential eGroup Enabling Technologies Adoption branded (non-customized) communications to drive awareness of the change 

Training services: 
-(1) Train-the-trainer webinar (60 minutes)
This is not an end-user training session, content is designed and delivered to prepare others for delivering end-user training 
Up to (10) attendees may be accommodated in this session 

Training content 
-1 PowerPoint Training Presentation 
-1 Recorded Webinar (for distribution to end-user audience)
-Up to 3 one-page Quick Reference Guides

Organizational Change management is vital to the success of any successful deployment of a new technology solution. This baseline package can be enhanced and transitioned to a fully customized OCM engagement or a more robust OCM Program for multiple technology deployments.