Securing Identities Workshop - 3 Days

Enabling Technologies Corporation

Sit down with the Security experts at Enabling Technologies to set up your security authentication and access policies for a secure and also productive workplace.

Identity management is the control plane of the cloud. Enabling provides a zero-trust approach to securing users and their identities. We cover Azure Active Directory multi-factor authentication and conditional access, FIDO2 and biometric authentication, app registration, single sign on to third party SaaS, self-service password reset, B2B guest access, privileged identity management, access reviews, and directory and password sync technologies. We can provide the Microsoft Accelerator Workshop for Identity Management, as well as deeper dive design and hands-on consultative services.

Day 1 includes: Planning & Design • Review Azure AD integration scenarios (ADFS, AAD Connect with PHS or PTA, Cloud Identities) • Self-Service Password Reset • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) • Conditional Access (CA) • Azure AD Application management

Day 2 includes: Analysis & Demo • Secure Score assessment • Enabling remote access to cloud apps • Managing devices and apps • Protecting corporate resources • How to build your migration strategy (My Apps, Azure AD App proxy, third party application delivery controllers)

Day 3 includes: Outcome • Plans for improving identity posture through Secure Score deployment • Decisions on Azure AD integration and authentication scenario design • Deployment plans for SSPR, MFA and CA design decisions • Application Classification and Prioritization Plan