ThreatHunter MXDR MSSP: 12-Mo Implementation

eGroup Enabling Technologies

To assist our customers with advanced security services focused on identifying and mitigating cloud and device malicious threats and providing 24x7 monitoring and response services.

We are providing MSSP for Microsoft Defender 365. Complete Endpoint Protection is eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. Managed Security Service offer, designed for clients who wish to have ongoing support and monitoring of the Microsoft 365 E5 Security stack and Microsoft Sentinel. eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC has 24x7 security analysts monitoring each customer’s environment via Microsoft Sentinel and Azure Lighthouse. Analysts investigate, triage, and work with clients to resolve incidents of relevance in the environment.

Problems that Complete Endpoint Protection addresses:
- Cyber security resources are in high demand
- Small to midsize organizations lack time to deploy and keep security systems updated
- Ransomware & cybercrimes affect organizations of all sizes
- Cyber insurance requirements are heightening

Included with this Support Implementation are the following services:
-Rapid activation and onboarding of Microsoft 365 E5 security services
-24x7 Managed Security Service (MSSP)
-Detection & response of incidents on in-scope services
-Email (using Microsoft Defender for Office 365)
-Identities (using Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Defender for Identity)
-Devices (using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Intune)
-Automated responses (using best practices, playbooks and Microsoft Sentinel SOAR)
-Proactive hunting for trending threats
-Regular tuning of Microsoft E5 security settings to address latest risks and best practices

Value to Customer:
-Regularly updated security settings reduce risk and improve compliance
-24x7 monitoring enables them to focus on other tasks rather than trying to sift through logs
-Automated responses minimize their involvement in reacting to incidents

What differentiates eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC's service from others is that eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC also manages the client’s Microsoft Intune environment, ensuring device compliance, OS and software updates, and surface attack area reduction.