Power Apps Development: 3 days online workshop

Garage GBS doo Beograd

Jump-start your development of PowerApps to solve real business problems during 3 days workshop

What are the results of workshop?

As a result, you will develop solid understanding of Power Apps and improve your own your team’s or even your organization's productivity by creating a Proof Of Concept app that can act as a starting point for future production apps.


Day 1 (2 hours):
  • Low-code platform capabilities overview
  • Valid business scenario selection
Day 2 (2 hours):
  • Designing a solution
  • Prototyping
Day 3 (2 hours):
  • Developing and polishing the solution
  • Discussing and presenting the results

The whole project takes around 3 business days, depending on your business scenario.


  • Business application prototype in your environment
  • Solution architecture diagram
  • Solution Roadmap and budget estimate (if applicable)
  • Internal team trained on real experience