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Packaged Service Offering for Intune device management

Service Offering

impeltec offers professional consulting services to leverage the specific capabilities available in Azure Active Directory and Intune MDM cloud services (including Windows Autopilot). We have created a standard packaged service offering for Intune with defined deliverables in order to offer a robust solution at a very competitive price.

The service offerings have been designed to provide an initial Intune environment to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. There are two (2) packages that can be selected either independently or together as a comprehensive package, these are:

  • Windows Device Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS, iPadOS, Android

Each of these packages includes a set of base inclusions to ensure Intune is fully operational for each package, these are outlined in section 2.1 Inclusions of the attached document. Within each package there are three (3) tiers that can be selected:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Refer to the attached Packaged Service Offering document for details pertaining to service levels and optional components. The Packaged Service Offering can be selected to include Intune for Windows, Intune MDM for iOS, iPadOS, or Android, or a combination of these. Windows Autopilot can also be included, with optional components for pre-provisioned deployment and Hybrid Azure AD join.


Amongst other requirements defined as part of the engagement, licensing for Microsoft Azure AD Premium and Microsoft Intune must be purchased and associated with the customer's Azure tenancy.


Please enquire for full pricing worksheet. The price displayed is an average cost which is dependent on which level of service is selected and whether the optional components are required.

Additional Services

Please ask us how we can help you with other areas of Microsoft 365, including Compliance, Cloud Security, Identity & Access Management, Information Protection & Governance, and also Microsoft Azure. We offer Managed Services for customers who would like assistance operating their environment ongoing.

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