Business Central Upgrade and Migration - 1Hr Assessment for success


Business Central Upgrade Estimate: 1-Hr Assessment

Implementing a new accounting system or upgrading to a newer version is often a similar process. It is based on the ability to comprehend the company’s present (and future) processes, the way things are handled and the way company is planning to develop business.

For making successful upgrade from old Dynamics NAV version to latest Business Central, we first need to find answers about some parts of current implementation, and future view about customer’s needs.

What we are going to discuss:

  • Where are we going – on-premise or cloud? We can help you with both ways, and we are always trying to offer customer flexible solution, so customer lately can migrate his system to/from the Azure cloud. Current estimation includes one of ways.
  • What to do with current data? Customer can decide to go with all his legacy data, or to take only open balances. Customized areas in current implementation – we need to make scope of changes made in current NAV database, and which of them should go to Business Central. This will lead us to understanding how customer’s custom app will look like.
  • 3-rd parties solutions – do you have any? In customer’s current implementation could be installed Add-ons from different suppliers, and for those that are currently used we need to find app in Microsoft AppSource or alternative.
  • Interfaces with other systems, how they are working for you now? Some of them should be included in customer’s custom app development, some may need creation of PowerApp or Azure logical app.

What you will get from this:

By clearing all questions, JEMEL will make estimation based on your information and our experience. You will receive:

A spreadsheet with the tasks and costs to complete your upgrade A time plan for upgrade
  • A spreadsheet with the tasks and costs to complete your upgrade
  • A time plan for upgrade


JEMEL specializes in introducing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting and business management system, developing add-ons or extensions, consulting and supplying other related services. We realize that good business partnerships are based on trust. In our 17 years of working in that market we have proven that our company is a reliable technology partner. A partner capable of solving numerous business issues and achieving our clients’ goals.

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