Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 4 Week Assessment

New Signature

New Signature’s 4 weeks to Insight gives you a head start with PowerBI and Dynamics 365 to deliver rich insights into your data, helping you make the decisions to unlock greater performance.

Data analyzed correctly gives you insights. Insights allow you to make the right decisions and take the right actions. Combining the right data, insights and actions can make the difference between you becoming a digital predator, or digital prey. It’s the piece that makes the biggest difference.

With the power of Dynamics 365 and PowerBI, you now have access to the latest cloud-native technologies, delivering you a new data platform for a fraction of the cost of competitors, with the freedom and extensibility your users will love.

New Signature’s 4 weeks to Insight gives you a head start on your competition, with a structured yet tailored engagement. You’ll end up with a fully functional, production ready data platform complete with 3 dashboards of your choosing.

Week 1 *Azure Launchpad essentials deployment *Analysis of your data sources *Workshops with key stakeholders *Defined plan for the engagement

Weeks 2 & 3 *Integration with your data sources *Creation of the dashboards *Deployment of the dashboards

Week 4 *Documentation, training and handover to your teams *Build roadmap for wider deployment *Enable managed services if required

Choosing the right partner for your new data platform is key. New Signature has extensive skills and capabilities covering the complete Microsoft Cloud. Dynamics 365 and Power BI are two parts of a wide set of capabilities. Customers also can also make us of other technologies such as Azure Synapse and Data Factory.

Technology is also only half of the equation. Getting your teams productive and enabled is also key. New Signature’s range of business change and adoption services can help your team take advantage of these new technologies and empower them to get their jobs done, quickly and efficiently.

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