Your Data Analyzed (YoDA): 5-Day Workshop

Orion Systems Integrators, LLC

A 1-day classroom-style Dashboard-in-a Day session, followed by 2 days of helping you build a custom Power BI app using your data, and 8 hours of remote support.

YoDA using Power BI!


Day 1: Dashboard-in-a-Day using Power BI

Classroom-style session for up to 20 participants to familiarize them with Power BI Desktop, Modeling, Visualization, Reports, Row Level Security, Power BI Services , Dashboard, Automated Data refresh, and Collaboration. You will be responsible for signing up for a Power BI License.

Day 2: Design the reporting platform for your enterprise

Assess and connect your data sources to a central data repository on SQL Server 2016, create reporting data models, Wire Frame reports and dashboards. Up to 4 participants. Azure and Power BI licenses will be provided by you.

Day 3: Develop and deploy the relevant visualizations on the Power BI reporting platform

The Power BI platform will be set up using your data. We will apply Row Level Security, create Dashboards, and set Data Refresh.

Day 4 & 5: Remote Support

4 hours of remote support each day, for up to 4 participants, to help in developing any additional reports and dashboards within the scope of the POC. We will also demo Power BI to your users.