Modern Desktop Assessment

PSM Partners

PSM will do a deep dive into all aspects of the process for rolling out new Modern Desktop technology(s)

In this workshop, PSM will do a deep dive into all aspects of the process for rolling out new Modern Desktop Assessment technology(s) with very little workflow disruption while focusing on high end user satisfaction. We will leverage our extensive Microsoft technology experiences (Windows 10/11, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Modern Desktop, etc.), utilize our proven strategies and apply best practices to analyze a client’s existing environment using their REAL data. From this analysis, PSM will discuss potential deployment/migration avenues, roadblocks and suggested timelines. This workshop is industry agnostic and can be performed for both small and enterprise level organizations.

From this workshop you’ll receive:

  • 3 day assessment:
  • Day 1: Initial discussion surrounding the overall technology(s) interested in upgrading. Discuss the needed tasks to successfully deploy the technology(s). Discuss potential unique business rules per department. Collect company end user data.
  • Day 2: Discuss analyzed client’s REAL data breaking down data to ensure full visibility to device breakdown, data integrity, etc.
  • Day 3: Deliver and discuss detailed comprehensive assessment and breakdown of client’s data environment for the deployment of technology(s) including a full detailed summary of what PSM believes are the most important tasks to ensure a smooth rollout and high-level realistic timeline. This includes any tasks needed to perform by the client prior to the deployment of said technology(s) prior to the start of the engagement to ensure readiness.
  • Deliverables:

  • Presentation of Findings enabling deployment and migration to Microsoft's technologies:
  • Detailed Comprehensive breakdown of data with areas of improvement
  • Realistic High-level timelines
  • Detailed breakdown of tasks needed to ensure smooth rollout
  • Strategic plan for overall technology(s) deployment