Windows 365 Enterprise: 4-Week Production Pilot

Ravanty Tech Consulting, Inc.

Experience the power of Microsoft’s Cloud PC with customized Success Criteria Metrics within your environment.

Let us help you gain firsthand experience of Windows 365's capabilities and tailor it to meet the unique requirements of your organization, while empowering your goals with intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration to the Microsoft products you already use.

Pilot Objectives:

  • Analyze environment, business and technical requirements and provide recommendations
  • Conduct general analysis of requirements for Windows 365 and Networking options as it pertains to five Windows 365 Cloud PCs
  • Develop baseline Success Criteria Metrics within the boundaries of the pilot
  • Build up to five Windows 365 Cloud PCs in Production Pilot environment
  • Confirm any existing policies and configure new policies as applicable
  • Implement Intune Auto-enrollment as applicable
  • Plan and configure how Windows 365 Cloud PCs can access on-premises resources
  • Address Entra ID- or Hybrid Entra ID-joined Windows 365 Cloud PCs as applicable
  • Assign and validate access to Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Ravanty Implementation Framework:


  • Conduct project kick-off
  • Discover business and technical requirements
  • Verify client has acquired appropriate licensing
  • Identifying immediate critical path items for the planning phase
  • Address Networking options
  • Review licensing criteria for Entra ID and Microsoft 365 licenses
  • Review any existing MFA and Conditional Access Policies configured
  • Review on-premises file shares as it pertains to this pilot (as applicable)
  • Validate user identities will have line of sight to on-premises assets (as applicable)
  • Review current Microsoft Intune Configuration, including Windows Configuration and Compliance policies, and any additional pertinent configuration
  • Identify baseline configuration profile requirements
  • Identify/Review Windows 365 requirements
  • Identify/Review client access requirements


  • Conduct planning workshops to establish a path forward for Pilot rollout
  • Discuss Windows 365 Management and provide recommendations
  • Validate existing Microsoft Intune policies and confirm which will be assigned to Cloud PCs, including Windows Configuration Policies, Compliance policies, App policies, and Enrollment status page*
  • Design Entra ID security groups/filters for testing
  • Design assignments for Windows 365 Cloud PCs to Pilot users
  • Design Windows 365 provisioning policies (up to 2) with gallery Windows 11 image which will include User Policy with Backup & Restore options


  • Create Entra ID security groups/filters for testing
  • Create Azure Network Connection if applicable**
  • Create Windows 365 provisioning policies (up to 2) with gallery Windows 11 image.
  • Create necessary Compliance policies (up to 2)
  • Provision up to five (5) Entra ID-joined Windows 365 Cloud PC’s
  • Validate device configuration and confirm Intune policies are applied to Cloud PCs
  • Perform Software Deployment using Intune App Policies for up to two (2) base application
  • Pilot will be for up to five (5) users over a maximum of 5 business days pilot period following successful completion of provisioning
  • Assign Windows 365 Cloud PCs to Pilot users
  • Validate access to the Windows 365 Cloud PC: Web Client Access, Remote Desktop Application, Windows 365 app on Windows and Mac
  • The pilot rollout will be considered successful when up to five (5) users able to validate the access and functionality within ten (10) business days on up to five (5) Windows 365 endpoints.

*Client requires to have existing Intune configuration. If Intune is not configured in any capacity, Ravanty will provide basic configuration for this pilot. **Additional effort may be required as applicable.


  • Review pilot outcome
  • Provide recommendations based on the outcome
  • Plan next steps for potential full rollout across the organization