DealerBox Automotive Dealership Management System

inden Intelligent Systems

Advanced solution for automotive dealers and importers (DMS & IMS)

Do you experience lack of integration among various data sources, difficulties in tracking the entire sale cycle and keeping complete maintenance history of each vehicle? We are aware that automotive industry impose these and many other challenges to dealers and importers. That`s why we created DealerBox, an automotive solution, running on Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It is designed to help vehicle importers, dealers, spare parts shop owners and workshops businesses have a full overview of their operations. No matter how many brands, locations or companies you manage, you can oversee your portfolio using the platform.

Key functionalities


  • Applicable to all vehicle types: cars, agricultural, construction machinery and equipment, including new, used car and trade-in businesses.
  • Keeps register of vehicle stock with extended search functionalities such as equipment, colors, features, locations and companies.
  • Includes requests, planning, orders, transportation and acceptance of provided vehicles. On the other hand, the transport requests relate to organization of internal routes, requests, loading and unloading of vehicles.

OEM integration

  • Based on our experience with world known automotive brands, we have created OEM integrations for our customers. The interlace of the ERP with the OEM UI automates processes, thus making business operations smoother.
  • Regular information updates in sales, after-sales and parts areas. The solution has integration with warranty system, price lists, accessories, substitutes and many more.


  • You can manage quotes, contracts` details – prices, discounts, approvals.
  • Keep information about customer service: lifecycle, profiling, communication history, follow-up and interactions.


  • Overview of the entire aftersales cycle using complete service history.
  • Service contracting to set up prepaid packages, services and fixed prices.
  • Order types based on extended General Ledger templates, automatic vehicle cost revaluation.
  • Warranty claim registering.

Apart from that, you have financial and accounting functionalities, amplified by business intelligence (BI) data.

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Supported Countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available, except Czech Republic.

Languages: English and Bulgarian.

Supported Editions: Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.