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SOFT4Inventory is an inventory management software for production and commerce companies.

SOFT4Inventory is an inventory management software for production and commerce companies. The solution can be integrated with any ERP system.

The software delivers cognitive inventory management process with built-in tools for day-to-day inventory replenishment as well as procurement decisions and operations.

SOFT4Inventory includes:

·       Role center-based process control tool

·       Item and location setup

·       Optimal inventory calculation processor

·       Machine/human/AI collaboration

·       Optimization engine for replenishment and procurement quantities

·       KPI reporting for the process of ongoing improvement

Enjoy the benefits of SOFT4Inventory:

·       Quick ROI (5-7 months)

·       Process transparency and common indicators (KPIs)

·       All inventory information in one system

·       Minimized stock surpluses and shortages

·       Prompt decision making

This software enables management of inventory and financial information in a single system and helps to increase the company’s profits. SOFT4Inventory optimizes inventory levels, allows efficient use of warehouses and saves employee time.


Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries: Canada, Ireland, Lithuania, United States, United Kingdom.

Supported languages: English and Lithuanian.