24/7 TimeTracker

David Boehm, CPA and Company Inc.

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Time sheet extension that optimizes time tracking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

24/7 TimeTracker—your personal assistant has arrived!

Ever lose track of when you started working on a project? Ever enter “8:15” to signify 8.25 hours on your time sheet? Would you like to get past all of that by having a Personal Assistant keep track of your time for you?

If so, read on…

24/7 TimeTracker by Professional Business Software, Inc. adds time management functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With 24/7 TimeTracker, users can automatically track their time and post it to the applicable time sheet line item. You can use it from your computer, tablet, or phone (when Microsoft makes the "Time Sheet" screen available on phones).

No more wondering about when you started or how long you spent on a project. Also, no more having to manually convert from minutes to decimals when you fill out your time sheet. This all takes place automatically for you.

This App can also be used to track machine usage time, or any other sorts of time that you'd wish to track and subsequently add to time sheets. For more details, please visit our 24/7 TimeTracker landing page .

Any App that improves your personal productivity and the accuracy of your time management is worth seeing. We make this available to you for just $699 per year.