Chile Localization Pack


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Comply with Chile’s tax laws with our certified module for D365 for Finance

AlfaPeople, one of Microsoft Dynamics’ greatest partners for 10 years, has localized Microsoft Dynamics 365 to comply with Chile’s tax requirements and apply the SII’s regulations. The different functionalities defined for the Chile Localization are divided into regulatory and competitive. They also include the optimization of different business processes through reports, consulting and additional products. This localization can be used by all companies in the private sector.

Mandatory Requirements for Chile Version

    - Management of correlatives, Physical locations and types of legal and company documents

    - Annulment, reversal, cancelation, reactivation and reassignment of Sheet numbers

    - Identification of Clients, Vendors and Employees

    - Sales book

    - Purchase book

    - Journal book

    - 8 Column Balance

    - Major book

    - Honorary book

    - Monetary Correction of Fixed Assets

    - Packing slip transfer

    - Numeration for official books

    - Invoicing and massive packing slip with line control

Other Products

    - Chile Version Additional Requirements and Optimization

    - Electronic Documents

    - Bank Reconciliation

    - Electronic Banking