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Global Shipping Software for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation

XCARRIER is a certified multi-carrier, multi-modal shipping app that operates as an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation Cloud and On Premise systems, NAV, GP, AX, and 365 ERP. and carriers certified solution. There’ s a reason why XCARRIER is used by tens-of-thousands of shippers around the world.
Freight rating, Shipping & Tracking.
Ease of Use:-
XCARRIER is better than easy. It’s brilliantly simple. Enter or scan a Sales Order or Delivery, and let XCARRIER do the rest.
Shipping Execution:-
XCARRIER automatically weighs, rates, validates the shipping address, prints all labels and documents, tenders shipments to your carriers, and automatically updates your Dynamics ERP with transportation costs and tracking numbers.
Freight Shopping:-
If you use multiple carriers to manage your outbound transportation, why not rate shop them to gain price and time-in-transit advantages. In the end, both your business and your customers will save on transportation costs.
Shipment Track and Trace:-
Once your shipments are on carrier trucks, XCARRIER doesn’t stop there. By attaching a visibility tether to each and every package, it proactively tracks all shipments and returns important supply chain information such as Proof of Deliveries (PODs).