Project Lifecycle Suite

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Improve complex project management with full data visibility and better departmental collaboration.

Project-driven companies like construction and heavy equipment manufacturing have complex requirements due to multiple projects, sub-projects, and resources. These businesses need project management solutions to improve efficiency, maintain quality, meet delivery schedules, control costs, and stay competitive.

To-Increase’s Project Lifecycle Suite (PLS) helps complex project-based businesses like yours manage the entire project lifecycle ― from proposal and sales to resource, finance, and knowledge management. The solution is built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and does not require extra integration effort, thereby saving cost and effort.

Benefits of Project Lifecycle Suite

  • Improve interdepartmental collaboration: Remove data silos and improve communication between cross-functional teams with a 360-degree view of all projects.
  • Increase your quote conversion rate: Use project quotes and bidding to ensure appropriate margins and win more projects.
  • Enhance efficiency with complete project visibility: Track progress and manage work breakdown structure (WBS), project subcontractors, budgets, billing, cost, revenues, and margins. Get real-time insights into material, fee, and expense transactions to manage equipment efficiently.
  • Cut material cost and prevent stockouts: Gain an overview of material availability to manage material cost and availability, project-wise.
  • Monitor project costs and avoid overruns: Anticipate schedule, manage scope changes, and monitor project costs to prevent overruns.
  • Make resource planning more efficient: Visualize your project plan with a graphical overview of your data and get real-time insights into project status.

Features & Functionalities

  • Manage budget and control cost: Get advanced capabilities for budget management, track expenditures, and control cost with cost breakdown structure (CBS) and complete end-to-end visibility of WBS.
  • Advanced project features: Capabilities such as cost codes, progress billing and reporting, project change orders, and sub-contracting help manage complex projects with ease.
  • Project change management: Capabilities such as project change orders and forecasts help manage project changes seamlessly.
  • Sub-contracting: Strategic partnerships are essential to driving businesses today. The sub-contracting capability provides the flexibility to manage partners in Dynamics 365 F&SCM.
  • Cost codes: Activity-based costing or cost codes are essential to manage costs and time effectively and identify profit centers. An insight into cost is fundamental in boosting profits and overall business growth.
  • Project inventory: Helps reserve inventory in advance, resulting in seamless project execution.
  • Project progress billing: Lower risk associated with long-duration, costly projects by monitoring project progress and managing invoices using progress billing.
  • Graphical resource planning: Offers a visual tool that makes project planning, scheduling, and operational tasks easier. Advanced Project Planning is another optional yet compatible feature that provides enhanced visual support for planning.
  • Equipment management: Projects that use equipment must be connected to either Microsoft’s Asset Management module, which is enabled in PLS, or the compatible but optional Enterprise Asset Management.