Financial Dimension Advanced Reporting

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Focused view on Dimension balances gathered both with foreign and local currency perspective.

Dynamics 365 gives the opportunity of using unlimited financial dimensions to focus on your business objectives. So, how easily you can gather information from this valuable function ? You can get the data from outer resources as financial insights, Power BI and management reporter as well.

Now we have developed the advanced financial dimension reporting functions inside Dynamics 365. With FD Advanced Reporting you can run the report with the selected dimensions criteria to faster and the most accurate way. To generating the report you can query the ledger transactions for a specific dimensional balance line. Besides, you can also query the vouchers and so on. This fully integrated solution help you to get faster and the most accurate way of financial dimension reporting.

Buying this app you will also get an additional product that makes possible to generate reports with the foreign currencies. Therefore, this report will also work for dimensional trial balance and group the balances according to the currency codes of the original transaction