Zycada eCommerce Accelerator

inden Zycada Networks, Inc.

Boost your buyers engagement and increase revenue and conversion with Zycada eCommerce accelerator

Zycada enables the fastest digital shopping experience in the world by leveraging the power and scale of eCommerce Bots. 97% of consumer experiences use interactive content. But interactive content slows down the eCommerce experience, hurting conversion. Accelerate dynamic content by 10X+ with Zycada eCommerce Accelerator. eCommerce Accelerator also accelerates images, videos and live streams, and can significantly speed up WAF deployments to streamline cloud security.

Zycada eCommerce Accelerator is the only platform that understands buyers' browsing behavior in the context of your eCommerce application. It deploys in minutes with zero code changes.

Using eCommerce Bots:

Shoppers get a consistently responsive, engaging and personalized shopping experience.

Merchants get improved conversion and grow brand loyalty through a consistent shopper experience. And reduce risk and complexity by keeping their existing infrastructure.