Bureau van Dijk Connector

Bureau van Dijk

Seamlessly refresh and enrich your CRM data and find the companies most likely to buy from you.

The Bureau van Dijk Connector delivers richer, cleaner B2B data in Dynamics to help you sell and save you time.
Powered by Bureau van Dijk’s Orbis, a growing database of companies and other entities with information on close to 400 million companies worldwide, you can access intelligence on what companies do, how they’re performing, who owns and runs them, and how they’re connected to other accounts.
Seamlessly blend our complementary intelligence with what you already know about your customers and prospects, such as contract size, product(s) ordered, sales region, relevant sales people, deal source and size, and future opportunities.
We can then help you learn from this optimized data. Our analytics show you what your best customers look like, where you can find more of them and what regions offer you most opportunity, to help you learn, plan and find more business.
You’ll be able to target more effectively and have relevant conversations with the right prospects.
Ideal for sales and marketing teams, the Bureau van Dijk Connector:
•    Delivers richer, cleaner data so that you can enrich and refresh your existing data and find the best companies to approach. Our data is rich with content to help you sell. It includes financial data, information on what companies do, who owns them and who else is in the corporate group.
•    Helps you find and prioritize companies most likely to buy from you. Our data helps you identify which accounts warrant the most sales time and avoid wasting sales time on companies that can’t afford to pay you or that would fail your onboarding checks.
•    Creates efficiency so you can liberate sales from CRM drudgery, making more time to sell. Our Connector reduces manual efforts and gives you better data. And our extensive corporate structure information helps you identify where decisions are made, and how accounts are linked.

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