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airSlate Inc.

Complete e-signature and document generating solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate e-signature workflows and generate data-driven documents right in your Microsoft Dynamics account.

Create complex e-signature workflows

Send contracts and agreements for signing from any Microsoft Dynamics entity. Make it easy for recipients to sign documents on any desktop or mobile device, no Microsoft Dynamics or SignNow account necessary. Share documents for signing by email or via a signing link.

Create data-driven templates

Save time creating branded documents with SignNow templates. Drag and drop customizable signature, text, date and conditional fields anywhere on a quote, invoice or proposal.

Generate documents and update Microsoft Dynamics records

Automatically generate quotes, price lists, invoices or business proposals pre-filled with Microsoft Dynamics data. Set up documents to update or create Microsoft Dynamics records once recipients add their information.

Check the status of documents in real time

Monitor changes in agreements and contracts from your Microsoft Dynamics account. Verify who signed your document and when. Set reminders for signers and cancel signature requests.

Ensure the security and integrity of your documents

Password protect access to your documents, authenticate signers by SMS or phone call. Download PDFs of full document histories that list signer IP addresses, emails and timestamps.