User Adoption

inden Dynamics Innovation

User License Management & License Utilization for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

This App is a must to have if your team is managing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in operations. It is very tedious to get the correct numbers of users who are using D365 CE actively.

Build on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Graph.

  • The team manager dashboard to monitor the team's Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement usage activity.
  • The team manager can see Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement last 30 days utilization chart.
  • Continues reminder notifications (30,60,90) days to review the team’s Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license requirement.
  • The manager can remove the unused license from Azure active directory, an email will be triggered to the service desk and a new incident can be created to record the change.
  • The license dashboard displays a total number of available Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement licenses
  • License Details dashboard shows which users are not using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement actively. This information can help with user adoption of the new system
  • User Consumption dashboard shows which users are consuming more of which license.
  • License dashboard show available, consumed and assigned licenses units.
  • A new way to ensure people have access to the right security role for security compliance monitoring.
  • You can save thousands of dollars by removing inactive licensed users from dynamic 365 Customer Engagement licenses.