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MazikCare Patient Connect 365

Mazik Global Inc.

A tool for hassle-free patient scheduling and engagement with EMR integrations

MazikCare Patient Connect 365 is a patient engaging and access solution complete with HL7 and FHIR standard EMR integrations that make clinical data actionable in Dynamics CRM. Built on Microsoft’s Healthcare Common Data Service, the fully HIPAA-compliant solution allows healthcare customers the ability to leverage the full power of Dynamics 365 for efficient and secure patient communication, scheduling, follow-up, and more. Patient Connect 365 makes sure no patient or task falls through the cracks, lessening toil on healthcare workers and increasing engagement with patients. With add-on tools like a patient mobile application and a patient chat bot, MazikCare Patient Connect 365 helps providers connect to patients in proven and efficient ways, increasing patient loyalty. MazikCare’s Patient Connect 365 provides the following: - Ability to run workflows in CRM based on clinical data from EMRs - Secure data and HL7, HIPAA, and FHIR compliant system - Simple automation or assignment of work flows - Smart scheduling done through multichannel platforms - Automated reminders, follow-up, notifications, and care team alerts based on patient data - Easy tracking and reporting of patient engagement MazikCarePatientConnect365 is depends on the following CRM Modules: - VoiceOfTheCustomer - 9.0.1438.4 - DynamicsUnifiedServiceDesk -