Fundraising and Engagement

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Modernize donor and constituent engagement to increase mission impact

Fundraising and Engagement, built on Dynamics 365 Sales, is a customer relationship management solution that modernizes donor and constituent engagement to help nonprofits increase their mission impact. Fundraising and Engagement is now part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, uniquely bringing together trusted and intelligent cloud capabilities to provide nonprofits with a holistic, connected platform that unifies disparate data and empowers nonprofit workers.

Attract, retain, and grow donors through personalized engagement

Connect more effectively with donors, supporters, and volunteers. Provide targeted engagement with a 360-view of constituents, their households, and organizations. Increase donor loyalty and lifetime giving by understanding and addressing funder priorities. Enable fundraisers to respond to organizational and program needs.

Drive fundraising efficiency and reduce costs through process automation

Empower nonprofit staff by automating business processes like data unification and gift entry. Transform revenue management by enabling real-time large data and recurring gift processing.  Process donor commitments, membership renewals, and receipts with fewer clicks and more integration with business productivity tools.

Get an accurate picture of fundraising and financial outcomes in real-time

Enable fundraisers and financial managers to benefit from common donation, revenue, and transaction management and data schema, and eliminate the need for complex fundraising and financial reconciliation. Gain greater visibility into program sustainability and transparent financial reporting.


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