Apply to fields in Dynamics 365 and custom apps to guide users on the minimum required characters

Do you ever encounter error messages when trying to save a form, because a field has a minimum character limit you didn't know about?

Having a minimum number of characters required in a field helps to ensure that valid and sufficient detail is entered. But it can cause frustration and wasted time when Dynamics users aren't aware of this until they try to save the changes.
For example, if a field for mobile phone details requires 11 characters, but the user accidentally misses out a number, they won't realise the mistake until they try to save the changes. This field control can be applied for similar data capture requirements where a minimum number of characters is required such as bank account numbers and order numbers.
Preact's Minimum Character Counter, works with standard functionality for model-driven apps, to display the number of characters required before any detail in entered. This visual informs users how many required characters are still left to input once they start typing.
It is especially useful when multi-text fields require a certain number of characters to make sure users are writing sufficient information. For example if a resolution field for customer service cases require 800 characters, users will see the initial number required but then how much more they need to write for the entry to be valid.

How to Deploy

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