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Accelerate you requirement gathering & Microsoft Dynamics 365 selection using GYDE365 Discover

GYDE365-Discover is a revolutionary way to determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for your business. Supported and used by Microsoft and developed by a team of industry experts, it allows you to make an informed decision as to whether implementing Dynamics 365 will give you the business tools and capabilities you need.

The decision to implement a new business application is not without risk. Have all of our requirements been captured? Which solution should we choose? Will it do everything we need? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Who do we choose to make it happen?

The traditional process for answering these questions accurately is both time-consuming and costly, taking on average at least three months. It typically involves numerous, lengthy, information-gathering workshops and feedback sessions over extended periods of time, often with multiple parties.

GYDE365-Discover provides organisations like yours with a significantly more cost-effective alternative. For a fixed price and at a third of the cost of other methods, you are empowered to make an informed decision as to whether Dynamics 365 is a good fit for your business, in a matter of days, not months.

Using an online, survey-driven application, your subject matter experts can answer a series of role-specific, non-technical, business-level questions at a convenient time. Once complete, you will receive a detailed output document, providing all the information you need to make an informed decision about Dynamics 365.

Application outputs:

1. Dynamics 365 gap/fit analysis - identifying how closely standard Dynamics 365 (F&SCM, BC & CE) meets your key business requirements.

2. High-level solution blueprint - providing enough detail to produce an RFI/RFP document for you to judge potential implementation partners and/or compare alternative solutions.

3. Indicative licensing & Services costs - providing you with a baseline for comparing proposal costs with a high level of accuracy.

4. Board presentation pack - have the output documentation to enable you to confidently get board approval for your Dynamics 365 projects

5. If required, an RFP ready document for you to send to potential suppliers based on your requirements, saving you weeks of effort

Key Benefits:

- Validate in days if Dynamics 365 is a good fit for your business

- Easily build your own high-level system blueprint and indicative licensing & services costs

- Your subject matter experts can provide required inputs when it suits them - anytime, anywhere

- Compare other software vendors or implementation partners using standard documentation