Corporate Templates by Templafy

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Ensure brand consistency in all employee-produced documents

Corporate Templates by Templafy provides an end-to-end solution to keeping your company on-brand, with you in control of the visual alignment of the tons of business documents your employees produce and share every day.

Using Templafy you can add and configure any number of Office Templates for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This Add-in will make these templates readily available to all employees from within SharePoint. In the same way our Add-ins for Office will make templates available for Office for Desktop, Office 365, Mac, iPad and other mobile platforms.

Because Templafy uses the same Azure AD as SharePoint/Office 365 only authorized users will have access, without the users ever needing to login twice. Templafy will use Azure AD information to create a personalized user profile, that can be used to created personalized documents.

To use this Add-in your organisation must first have a Templafy Subscription. Please visit for more information.