Woodpecker Legal Document Automation

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Makes drafting and assembling documents the easiest part of your job.

Woodpecker helps you automate legal documents within Microsoft Word so you can reduce risk, increase profits, and take on more clients. No additional headcount required.

Service your clients faster by creating documents using existing client information, conditional logic, and formula calculations. Automate generation of multiple legal documents, all at one time, and all from the same place.

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming, and error-prone legal document preparation processes; say hello to Woodpecker Legal Document Automation.

Woodpecker perks:

  • Save tons of time creating and populating legal documents and contracts.
  • Online intake forms automatically create documents for you
  • Eliminate errors that come with manual data entry
  • Store client data for reuse in future documents
  • Connects to your other programs with a full Zapier integration and an open API

When you sign up for Woodpecker you'll receive a free trial of Woodpecker Pro. After that, subscribe to Woodpecker Starter, Pro, or Teams for continued access. More info can be found on our pricing page:


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