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Save time by creating new leads and customers and saving email correspondence to quotes and jobs.

If you are a trade or service company, receiving lots of emails from customers daily, save time and increase efficiency in the office by sending information in your emails directly to simPRO. Administration staff and project managers can easily manage important correspondence.


  • Create new leads / customers in simPRO
  • Create new contacts in simPRO
  • Add emails as notes in customers, leads, quotes and jobs

You will need a simPRO Service or simPRO Enterprise account to use this integration. To sign up for a trial, go to

simPRO Software

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Når denne app bruges,
  • Kan sende data via internettet
  • Denne app kan få adgang til personlige oplysninger i den aktive meddelelse, f.eks. navne på afsendere, mailadresser, meddelelsestekst og oplysninger om vedhæftede filer. Appen kan sende disse data til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i din postkasse kan ikke læses eller ændres.