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Creates transparency and raises the user's ability to distinguish between legitimate and fake emails

Email is the internet's largest media. Actually even bigger than any other internet media combined (including social media!). But despite existing cyber security, such as spam filters, antivirus, and firewalls, it unfortunately remains the case for most users, that a lot of dirt still ends up in their inbox. Conversely, spam filters often capture legitimate emails far too often, which is also a hassle.

Existing cybersecurity can only protect against known threats and is thus insufficient. That's why 9 out of 10 cyber attacks start at the opening of a fraudulent email.

  • StopSvindel.Nu catches everything the other solutions can’t, including unknown and new threats.

Our Outlook solution is a completely new approach to email security, which takes advantage of a new logic and behavioral change. A new behavior where transparency is always present, guiding our users what to trust and what they definitely shouldn’t be fooled by. The service is right at your fingertips, whenever the need arises, directly integrated with your Outlook client.

With a simple click, the user gets an immediate local analysis of any particular email. If there is a cause for the slightest concern about certain incoming emails, the user may submit such emails for analysis, that provides a prompt feedback the user whether the sender and the content can be trusted.

  • Automatic "Skepsis as a Service" on-demand 24-7
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use for everyone at all ages
  • Contextual learning about actual scams and how they operate
  • Easy to install across the entire organization, in a very short time
  • Cost effective email security optimization with a crucial preventive effect
  • Strengthens the weakest link of the infosec chain—your employees

In order to get started and utilize the benefits of Skeptify for Outlook, it is required to obtain a license key at www.skeptify.ai (more details at the website).

Funktioner i tilføjelsesprogram
Når dette tilføjelsesprogram anvendes, gør det følgende
  • Kan sende data via internettet
  • Dette tilføjelsesprogram kan læse eller ændre indholdet af alle elementer i din postkasse og oprette nye elementer. Det kan få adgang til personlige oplysninger – f.eks. meddelelsestekst, emne, afsender, modtagere eller vedhæftede filer – i alle meddelelser eller kalenderelementer. Det vil muligvis sende disse data til en tredjepartstjeneste.
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474847591/Product_42949681594/Asset_b2015cb9-2739-4153-9fbe-ab99c3acfe05/SkeptifyMSStorePIC.png