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Increase feedback, manage performance and measure employee engagement through weekly check-ins.

Perform & Engage 365 is a simple process which helps increase the performance and effectiveness of your team or organization. Using a simple quick weekly check-in employees can share their success, challenges and recognize others. Managers can then provide timely feedback and support to increase trust and build a culture of transparency. Employees and managers can set goals and OKRs to align with organization objectives. Perform & Engage 365 also provides organizational insights using our AI powered sentiment and 10Pulse Engagement model.

Research shows that giving and receiving feedback on a regular basis improves performance and engagement outcomes, whilst normalizing the culture of feedback within a team. Performance management becomes a continuous and iterative process, empowering managers to continually coach and feedback to employees.

The Perform & Engage 365 app brings all of the functionality of the weekly check-in to Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365. Using Microsoft 365 SSO (Single Sign-on) employees experience a seamless experience, with the ability to complete updates entirely from Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365. Notifications are pushed out using the Perform & Engage 365 bot and employees can manage their goals and check-ins all in one place.

The Perform & Engage 365 app allows employees to:

* Provide check-ins

* Create and manage goals or OKRs

* Recognize other employees

The Perform & Engage 365 app allows managers to:

* Review updates

* Provide feedback

* Pass-up and share good work

The App also provides notifications via the Perform & Engage 365 bot for managers and employees covering:

* Update due/overdue

* Update submitted

* Recognition received (i.e. you were mentioned by)

Once enabled, this app works in Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 chat and allows managers and executives to use natural language queries to get a quick snapshot of sentiment in different areas in the Organization.

Try queries like the following in Copilot:

* Using the Perform & Engage 365 plugin, What is the sentiment like in my team?

* Using the Perform & Engage 365 plugin, What is the feeling like in my organization and when was the lowest sentiment seen?

To use this app you will require and active Perform & Engage 365 account or you will need to create a new one.

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