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Automate, Template, Govern and Manage your Teams, SharePoint and Groups

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 products and services in your organisation whilst knowing that Reflekt is in complete control. Reflekt rapidly improve end user adoption & drastically reduces end user confusion!

Let Reflekt manage everything from directing your users to the right tool of choice, guiding them through the initial creation via Reflekt’s intuitive wizard. Reflekt’s intelligent recommendation engine suggests Teams, SharePoint Online Sites and 365 Groups that may interest the users, reducing site sprawl, duplications and empowering your workforce to collaborate and engage with their peers. Create and introduce templates to your organisation to promote reuse, share knowledge, create consistency, adhere to regulatory requirements and to give your users a head-start!

Governance & Automation

  • Empower your users - Empower your organisation by allowing them to freely create Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups whilst knowing that you're always in full control of your environment. You define your boundaries in accordance to your organisation's and regulatory requirements.
  • Lifecycle management - Let Reflekt manage everything from directing your users to the right tool of choice, guiding them through the initial creation, discovering Microsoft Teams, sites and groups that that may be of interested in as well as utilising pre-defined organisational templates to get them to the right start!

Team and SharePoint Templates

  • Define and reuse templates across your organisation - Create and introduce templates to your organisation across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups. Give your workforce a head-start and consistency by pre-defining templates. Define once and reuse multiple times across your organisation.
  • Recommendations based upon your criteria - Reflekt can suggest and recommend templates based upon your criteria. Categorise your templates by associating your templates with your organisation's taxonomies so that Reflekt can intelligently suggest templates which match your criteria based upon the name, description and tags.

Assisted Intelligence

  • Drive your workforce to the right tool - With the ever expanding array of product and services available within Microsoft 365 it can be incredibly confusing for your workforce and can result in a loss of productivity. Questions such as when or how do I create something based upon my requirements? Is this best tool for my choice? Reflekt's intuitive fully customisable questionnaire recommends and suggests the right tool for your answered questions.
  • Find you perfect match - On average, workers spend 41.8 hours searching. Let your focus on the task at hand and allow Reflekt's intelligent recommendation engine which uses a number of signals to recommend and suggest Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups to your users.


  • Define your validation criteria - Reflekt gives you complete control over fine-tuning your Microsoft 365 platform. Define your naming convention, introduce the ability define prefixes and suffixes, enforce minimum and maximum limits on controls such as name, description, owners, members and tags.
  • Duplication check & prevent site sprawl - Reflekt prevents duplications and site sprawl by querying existing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and Groups and notifies the users of the clash. Reflekt also suggests and recommends sites, Teams and groups based upon the criteria.
  • Delegate approval requests - Empower your organisations by delegating the responsibility of approval. Allow your organisation to control the flow of sites, Teams and groups created.

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