TELUS Business Connect

RingCentral Inc.

Start video meetings and call within conversations.

The TELUS Business Connect app brings robust, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration capabilities to the Microsoft Teams app. With this app installed, you can access and enjoy all advanced TELUS Business Connect video meetings and audio conferencing features right from your Microsoft Teams app.

The TELUS Business Connect app reduces the need for users to switch between applications while collaborating within Microsoft Teams, keeping projects moving forward in a productive way. With a single command, the bot posts meeting and call details in a one-on-one or group conversation. One click is all it takes for users to launch or join a TELUS Business Connect audio conference or video meeting. International dial-in numbers can also be easily accessed by global users.

Simply @ mention the TELUS Business Connect bot in a Microsoft Teams conversation to bring up a host of functions including:

@TELUS Business Connect Call - Posts TELUS Business Connect Conference call dial-in and access code. Users have the ability to click to join the call from the conversation and access global dial-in numbers if needed.

@TELUS Business Connect Meet - Posts TELUS Business Connect meeting ID and dial-in number. Users have the ability to click to join the meeting from the conversation and access global dial-in numbers if needed.

@TELUS Business Connect Help - Brings back the TELUS Business Connect Bot menu and lists bot commands.

Simply click on the Messaging extension in personal one on one chat, users can launch a phone call with TELUS Business Connect services.

Supports Microsoft Teams desktop, mobile and web app.

In order to use the app, the user needs to have an Active TELUS Business Connect account.

To start using the TELUS Business Connect message extension, the app must be pinned in Microsoft Teams, and it works in personal one-on-one chats only.

Available for TELUS Business Connect Standard subscriptions and above.

Funktioner i tilføjelsesprogram
Når dette tilføjelsesprogram anvendes, gør det følgende
  • Kan sende data via internettet
  • Dette tilføjelsesprogram kan få adgang til personlige oplysninger i den aktive meddelelse, f.eks. telefonnumre, postadresser eller URL-adresser. Tilføjelsesprogrammet vil muligvis sende disse data til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i din postkasse kan ikke læses eller ændres.
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