Qvidian for Microsoft Office (US)

inden Upland Software Inc.

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RFP and questionnaire response with Qvidian library access and answer recommendations.

Upland Qvidian empowers proposal and sales professionals to win more deals faster by eliminating the mundane and manual in RFP responses, proactive proposals, and presentations via intelligent automation software.

With this integration, you can…

• Access Qvidian’s content library directly within Word and Excel

• Search for and add answers to RFPs and questionnaires

• Automatically insert the best answers to blocks of questions in bulk

• In Office Online, work collaboratively with your team in real-time

Get Started:

This integration is available to fully licensed Qvidian users at no additional cost. Simply add, and then log in using your standard Qvidian credentials. NOTE: Ensure your Qvidian admin enables the required user permissions. For support, please contact

About Upland Qvidian:

For more than 25 years, we have guided organizations of all sizes and complexities through successful, strategic deployments that drive user adoption and ROI. With Qvidian, you can streamline collaboration, increase productivity, and deliver higher-quality content faster, to win more deals and prove your teams’ value.

As a part of Upland’s Enterprise Sales & Marketing Cloud, Qvidian is just one solution in a suite of industry-leading solutions designed to help B2B revenue teams deliver customer value across the entire buyer journey. We are uniquely positioned to help you succeed today and meet your future needs as you grow. Find out more at


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