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Power Forms is a no code Form Builder for SharePoint allowing you to quickly create Business Forms.

Power Forms is a no code Form Builder for SharePoint that allows Companies from any Industry, Teams or individuals the ability to capture information from users and store it in SharePoint Lists or Libraries. Forms can be used to quickly tag File Uploads and capture important metadata, often using smart default values, such as data from the User's own Profile.

Check out creating a Leave Request Form here:

Imagine quickly creating all your online Forms, such as Staff On and Off Boarding, Leave Requests, or a Company Survey just to name a few. Get started even quicker using one of the built-in Form Templates.

The Form Designer allows you to create useful Forms quickly, with a point and click style editor, intuitive controls and features. Controls are added to the Form, where you can specify validation options, if the field is Required, Disabled, Visible, and all of these options can be bound to your business rules, or set directly.

Business users will love the Business Rules engine, that allows you to match your own Business Processes.

When Publishing your form, any Fields needed in the List or Library will be automatically created for you.

Power Forms supports your Digital Transformation journey, and will be an invaluable tool to centralize your Forms, Business Processes and bring your Paper Forms into the Digital World.

Your users will love the effortless entry of key information in your Forms, available through intelligent default values, and easy to use Tag Controls, Dropdowns, Radio Buttons and many more. By hiding and showing sections at relevant times in your Workflow Process, Users will be able to see and edit the parts of the Form that are relevant, keeping things simple.

Power Forms saves you time and money by easily creating Forms to capture user input in a controlled and efficient way. You can tailor your own Workflow System to work side by side with Power Forms, where as a business you will enjoy having controlled and repeatable processes. (Note: Power Forms does not provide direct workflow functionality, but will work with other Workflow Solutions.)

Use the Free version, or upgrade for all the advanced features.

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Additional Features Include:

- Preview mode

- Resizable, mobile responsive layouts

- Advanced control bindings

- Create Business Rules and Facts

- Validation

- Repeating Sections

- Print Options

- Import and Export

- Built In Templates

- Draft and Publishing

- Automated Field and List provisioning

- Permission checks and warnings

- Post submission editor to allow you to tailor the user experience

- Pull default values directly from the Users profile

See the full help guide here: