Lucidspark for SharePoint

inden Lucid Software Inc

The virtual whiteboard that connects teams so they can bring their best ideas to life.

Bring your best ideas to life with Lucidspark. With an infinite canvas and powerful dynamic features, your brainstorming sessions will be anything but boring. Ignite your ideation sessions by encouraging team participation, organizing thoughts and ideas with unique sorting features, and determining the best course of action by voting and weighing possible outcomes. And when it’s time for the next step, it’s easy to develop the workflows and other process documents that will help you turn promising ideas into an amazing reality. Choose from hundreds of templates to guide you in your next collaboration session, or start with a blank canvas and create your own.

The perfect combination of freestyle brainstorming and practical structure allows you to collaborate without chaos. Use Breakout Boards and the chat feature to share feedback with other participants. Hold focused activities with the timer to keep the session moving. Integrate your favorite apps like Slack, Jira, and more.

With this integration, you can embed Lucidspark boards using Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts.

By embedding Lucidspark boards in Microsoft SharePoint, you will bring clarity to your projects, systems, and processes:

• Enrich SharePoint sites with visuals

• Map out team-specific processes

• Increase alignment within teams and across silos

• Communicate project objectives and responsibilities more effectively

This is collaboration at its finest. Explore the possibilities of Lucidspark.

This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid account. Sign up for one today!