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Connect any data source to Excel and pull data in a single click!

Automate spreadsheet data refreshes and processes to power live reports and dashboards. Use our 2-way spreadsheet sync when you need to write back data to critical systems like your CRM and database.

Using Coefficient you can automatically import all of your data into Excel, set it on a refresh schedule, and write data back to your source systems without ever leaving your spreadsheet. No more cutting and pasting CSV files, Workbook Links or other difficult ways to combine data and spreadsheets.

Here are some of our popular Excel connectors:

- CRM: Salesforce & Hubspot (2-way sync available for both)

- SalesOps: Pipedrive & Outreach

- Database & BI: MySQL (2-way sync), Postgres / PostgreSQL (2-way sync), MS SQL Server, Redshift, Snowflake (2-way sync), MongoDB, Tableau & Looker

- Ad Platforms: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads & Facebook Ads

- Marketing: Google Analytics 4 / GA4, Google Search Console, Mailchimp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram

- Project Management: JIRA, Zendesk, Notion, Clickup, Trello, Airtable & Smartsheet

- Payments and Finance: Stripe, Chargebee, QuickBooks & Xero

- E-commerce: Shopify

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