Gantt Chart for Planner

inden 365 Automate

Display Microsoft Planner tasks in a Gantt chart, embedded in a SharePoint page.

A fully featured 30 day free trial of the Gantt Chart for Planner, by 365Automate - install today. No initial payment required.

Microsoft Planner is a powerful task management system, but unfortunately, it doesn't include a Gantt chart component.

The 365Automate Gantt Chart for Planner solves this issue - connect it to your existing Microsoft Planner plans, and view all of your tasks in an easy to use, interactive Gantt component.

This is a SharePoint web part and your Gantt chart will be displayed in a SharePoint page which you can share with all of your users. You can also display the Gantt chart as a Teams Personal Tab, or within a tab of a specific Team.

Pricing is based on a tenant-wide subscription where you pay once and your entire organization receives access across any number of sites. Try it today!