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Experience the powerful capabilities of Neocrm CRM platform in Outlook.

Neocrm supports enterprise full-process automation business scenarios from marketing, sales to service, helping enterprises connect with external dealers, service providers, products, and end-users to build a 360° full lifecycle customer relationship management system. The Neocrm add-in seamlessly integrates the intelligent and powerful capabilities of the Xiaoshouyi CRM platform into the Outlook mailbox, making customer relationship management work simpler and more efficient.


Manage potential customers, contacts, sales opportunities, and other CRM data from Outlook;

Associate emails with your CRM business objects and support automatic synchronization of email context;

View details of associated potential customers/contacts when opening emails;

Pinnable to your Outlook client;

Supported on multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet);

Free add-in, no credit card required;

Through the add-in, sales staff can seamlessly associate received and sent emails with customer data in the CRM system when using the Outlook mail client, WEB side, and mobile side. Sales staff can also view and edit related customer information, sales opportunities, historical interaction records, etc., directly in the email interface. When dealing with CRM business, sales staff can quickly contact customers based on business situations, saving the trouble of switching between different systems.

Supported Platforms

The add-in is suitable for desktop applications, web applications.


This add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11 or earlier versions.

Product Trial

The Neocrm web add-in is a part of Neocrm's product features. If you are already a user of Neocrm products, this add-in is completely free. If you want to learn more about the capabilities of the Neocrm platform, welcome to visit our official website:

Customer Support

If you want to use the Neocrm web add-in for free, or if you have any related questions, please contact us at


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