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Prioritize and classify important emails

Two common problems:

1. An important (but not urgent) email does not get the attention it deserves and is lost/forgotten in the clutter of your mailbox.

2. You are done dealing with an important email and want to classify/file it, but this is taking too much of your time.

Here is how YaPa helps:

1. You receive an email that is a) important, b) not urgent, you don’t have time to treat it immediately, but you should definitely deal with it today, click on the Today button. The email will be moved to a folder called Today under your inbox. Before you finish working today, you go to your Today folder and process everything in there. Simple! Once your Today folder is clear you can go home :-). This must become a habit. If you forget to do it, you will find all those email in your inbox, unread, the next morning.

2. You have just finished treating an email and would like to classify/file it away. Click on “Archie” button. It will give you a recommendation. If you take it, Archie will learn, if you don’t, it will also learn. Archie uses machine learning to understand how you classify your emails into folders. It looks into sender, recipients, subject, body and other data and learns.

YaPa may be helpful if you:

  • Receive a lot of email on daily basis.
  • You don’t want to miss responding to important emails.
  • You like to keep your inbox tidy by filing away important emails after treating them.
  • You have to comply with company policy/regulation for retaining certain types of email.


Basic use is free. You have 100 classification recommendations per week. Today/Tomorrow are free.

More features/recommendation balance is available by subscription to one of our paid plans. Additional purchase may be required.

Your Data:

YaPa for Outlook:

  • May store some user info such as email address and user time zone.
  • Can read emails in the user’s mailbox and can move emails between folders.
  • Does not store copies of emails outside the user’s mailbox.
  • May track usage of the App for the purpose of improvement.
  • We never share your data with or sell to any 3rd party.

All data is stored securely in Microsoft data