RuleScape Test Lynx

RuleScape Consulting

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Take control of your IBM ODM test workbooks with automated data linking, formatting and validation.

Are you, or your team, using IBM's Operational Decision Manager (ODM) test suites to define business test scenarios in Excel? Do you wish that it was easier to navigate between worksheets and simpler to enter valid tests?

Well, RuleScape Consulting hopes to make your wishes come true with this free Excel add-in which is an essential companion to your ODM test suites.

This add-in is a free, fast, easy-to-use and unobtrusive tool that will greatly enhance your productivity and ability to produce executable ODM test scenarios.

Using this add-in, you can enhance your worksheets to:

  • Link labels used in test data to its definition in the referenced worksheets. This allows you to easily navigate even complex object models through hyperlinks, forward and backward.
  • Add dropdown lists for selection of referenced labels. This enables you to easily reuse existing data records and thereby speeds up test scenario creation while reducing the chances of data errors.
  • Highlight any errors in your test data, such as a dangling reference label or an invalid data type. Data errors are caught before the tests are sent for execution, saving you time and avoiding frustration!
  • Apply ‘Smart-Freeze’, freezing rows and/or columns of large