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Reduce meetings with asynchronous stand-ups, retrospectives, and more on Microsoft Teams.

Keep your team in sync without spending hours in meetings

MyCheckins makes it easy to run asynchronous standups, weekly updates, and retrospectives within Slack — so your team can perform at their best every day.

Perfect for remote and hybrid teams | Increases productivity | Frees up hours of time for all

Run Daily Standups: Automated standups help you and your team easily plan your days, identify blockers, and act on them.

💪 Plan your week: It can be easy to get sidetracked between Monday and Friday. MyCheckins helps your team members maintain focus, alignment, and clarity.

🎯 Run Retrospectives: MyCheckins gives you a clear picture of your team's progress and achievements over the course of the week.

..and more. With MyCheckins, you can run check-ins on a schedule or asynchronously in your team’s individual time zones.

Here’s how it works:

1. Add the bot to Slack: Takes 2-mins to install and set-up!

2. Create check-in: Choose your questions, pick a time, and add team members.

3. View team responses: Let the bot collect and share your team’s responses.

Get started now. Get a clear picture of your team's priorities, drastically reduce time spent on meetings, and keep your teams aligned with minimal effort.

Get started for free | Set up in two minutes

Funktioner i tilføjelsesprogram

Når dette tilføjelsesprogram anvendes, gør det følgende
  • Kan sende data via internettet
  • Dette tilføjelsesprogram kan få adgang til personlige oplysninger i den aktive meddelelse, f.eks. telefonnumre, postadresser eller URL-adresser. Tilføjelsesprogrammet vil muligvis sende disse data til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i din postkasse kan ikke læses eller ændres.