Pareto by sio2Graphs


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Visualize cause and frequency using a Pareto chart to understand the key drivers of a process.

Pareto charts are used to visualize process outcomes in order to identify the specific factors among many driving or impeding an effective conclusion.

sio2Graphs leverages Microsoft’s business intelligence solution Power BI, developing visual templates for use with Power BI Desktop and service. sio2Graphs visuals are easy to use and communicate information effectively with your data.

The visual “Pareto by sio2Graphs” can be used to create Pareto charts without having to write code, which can become cumbersome if you need to display multiple Pareto charts or quickly change them. Meant to be quick and easy, there is less customization with a default font of Segoe UI and dynamic sizing. The visual selects the top 10 categories by value in your data set to highlight only the top drivers of a process. sio2Graphs is currently developing a Pareto+ visual that will be easy to use and also highly customizable.

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