Timeline by CloudScope


Displays conversations, social posts or user data in a Twitter-style timeline format.

Timeline can bring conversations or social posts to your Power BI reports. You can highlight what users are talking about on Twitter or other social media platforms, adding additional context to your reports.

Timeline does not interact with social media platforms, or query data directly from social media. It relies on data from your own data set, including author names, screen names and images, post text, dates, as well as optional retweet, like and sentiment values. Timeline pulls this data together and displays it in a Twitter-style timeline that users are familiar with and love.

The fields you can display by default include:

  • Author name
  • Author screen name
  • Author profile picture
  • Post date
  • Post text
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Sentiment

The control is adaptive, so it will display beautifully even if you don't include all of the data fields. Clicking on a post can act as a filter to other items in your data set.

However, for a high-fidelity Twitter display recreation, you can adopt a proprietary json schema called TweetJson. TweetJson contains more information about social posts than we could possibly include my simple column mapping. TweetJson allows us to show posts including quoted tweets, retweets, and replies. It allows us to embed images within the social timeline.

With TweetJson, you can build a very compelling, dynamic timeline. To adopt TweetJson, you'll likely need to use a software developer to create a TweetJson field for your dataset, so it's not for everybody. TweetJson is documented here:

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